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ABS/CDO Database Last updated: 28 August 2015

Deals added last week Include:

  • NRZ Advance Receivables Trust 2015-ON1 series 2015-T1 / Servicing advance RMBS
  • NRZ Advance Receivables Trust 2015-ON1 series 2015-T2 / Servicing advance RMBS
  • NewStar Commercial Lease Funding 2015-1 / Equipment ABS

Deal Pipeline Last updated: 1 September 2015

Recent additions include:

  • Consumer Three / ABS
  • Driver UK Three / ABS
  • John Deere Owner Trust 2015-B / ABS
  • DRB Prime Student Loan Trust 2015-B / $260m / ABS

CMBS Loan Events Last updated: 28 August 2015

Details of events since March 2011 impacting loans securitised in CMBS:

  • LBUBS 2005-C7 / Sarasota Main Plaza (A/B-note)
  • GECMC 2005-C1 & COMM 2005-LP5 / Lakeside Mall
  • MLCFC 2007-9 / Carman's Plaza
  • WBCMT 2006-C25 / Cedarbrook Plaza

CDO Manager Transfer Database Last updated: 6 August 2015

Discover where a manager of a CDO has changed, the deal name and original manager:


Top five CDS wideners and tighteners each day.


Full name Rank code

Change (bp)





Top 5 tighteners day-on-day
Chesapeake Energy Corporation SEN -41.45 1025.93
K. Hovnanian Enterprises, Inc. SEN -38.36 1419.68
Sharp Corporation SEN -33.38 704.50
United States Steel Corporation SEN -26.49 790.21
Weatherford International Ltd SEN -25.72 483.43
Top 5 wideners day-on-day
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. SEN 15.35 1462.49
Aramark Services Inc SEN 5.46 149.98
Galapagos Holding S.A. SEN 21.51 695.45
OAO Russian Railways SEN 3.96 484.74
Portigon AG SEN 3.12 73.95

Source: Fitch Solutions

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PriceABS Market Colour Last updated: 31 August 2015

Daily prices from US and European secondary market trades:

  • AHR 2004-1A CFL / 5,000,000 / TALK / CDO
  • AHR 2005-HY2A F / 3,300,000 / TALK / CDO
  • BAYC 2004-3 A1 / 46,500,000 / TALK / CMBS
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Market Report Last updated: 30 January 2015

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Arranger League Tables Q2 2014


#BankEuro (m)
2Bank of America-ML3,118


#BankUS$ (m)
1Bank of America-ML42,353

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Job Swaps Last updated: 27 July 2015

First Name Last Name Company Moved To Type New Role
Sidney Rostain SCOR Investment Partners Reinsurance Portfolio Manager, ILS
Pierre Mouilhade SCOR Investment Partners Reinsurance Portfolio Manager, ILS
Chris Fowler CVC Credit Partners Credit Management Managing Director, Private Debt
Patrick Beranek Mischler Financial Group Bank Managing Director, Structured Products
Alison Goold Tikehau Investment Management Portfolio Manager, European CLO Business
Kristan Gochee Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking Bank Head of North America ABS Syndicate
Thomas Oh Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking Bank Senior Vice President, Credit Trading
Gert Schlossmacher R K H Specialty Reinsurance Co-Managing Director, Financial Risk
Chris Caponigro Mt Logan RE Insurance Head of Business Development