SCI PriceABS aims to give you a complete picture of secondary market activity, and by doing so tackles several key problems:

1. Save you money by offering a faster route to regulatory compliance demanded by the Federal Reserve, SEC and the EU Prudent Valuation directive 
2. Provides access to trade information you don't currently receive
2. Makes you money by releasing your trade data tied up and 'lost' in email archives
3. Saves you time by offering deal search by: ticker, ISIN, asset class; trade type; and date range
4. Offers granular analysis and news commentary on daily trading activity via SCIWire, SCI's secondary markets news service.

Data is provided to clients via our website, excel and our partners including Intex, LPC Collateral, Moody's Structured Finance Platform and Thetica.

SCI PriceABS is designed with the following roles in mind: IPV & Prudent Valuations, Auditors, Brokers, Sales-Traders, Broker-Dealers, Portfolio Managers, Risk Managers, and anyone closely reliant upon secondary market trading. Contact us today for a free trial.

What do our customers say about SCI PriceABS?
"There are two types of data this service provides. Covers: this data source should be considered trade data and fall in the very top of hierarchy. Currently we are bound by the firm's trade blotter when searching for trades.....this service will open up a new source of trade data and also will be considered independent of the FO (a point the external auditor has raised). Price Talk:- during BWIC processes, dealers will publish where they believe specific bonds will trade in an upcoming auction. These are considered very valuable data points for our more unobservable positions which do not trade. The FO very often sites price talk when discussing variances"

- Credit IPV head, Tier 1 Bank, NY


A sample of recent PriceABS Data

Short Name Original size Current size Price received Price type Deal type
ABEST 10 B 1,000,000   99.47 CVR ABS
ABFC 2004-OPT4 M4 4,400,000   TRD CVR RMBS
ACIS 2014-4X E 5,000,000 5,000,000 DNT CVR CLO
ALLEG 2015-1A E 6,000,000 6,000,000 78.77 CVR CLO
AUBN 9 D 1,000,000   94H CVR RMBS
BAFC 2006-3 4A18 553,000   DNT CVR RMBS
CARMX 2016-1 A2A 18,500,000 18,500,000 E+35 CVR ABS
CLIF 2013-2A NOTE 1,000,000   DNT CVR ABS
CMLTI 2004-OPT1 M5 3,000,000   DNT CVR RMBS
CRNN 2014-1A A 1,000,000   DNT CVR ABS
CXHE 2005-D B1 2,250,000   TRD CVR RMBS
EMACP 2008-NL4 A 25,000,000   97.9 CVR RMBS
FLAGS 2014-8A A 14,865,000   H98H CVR CLO
FLAT 2013-1A A1 5,000,000   H98H CVR CLO
FORDO 2016-A A2A 7,500,000 7,500,000 E+26 CVR ABS
GARR 2015-1A C 1,000,000   DNT CVR CLO
GHM 2007-1 BB 1,000,000   75.53 CVR RMBS
HLA 2012-2A D 750,000   L82H CVR CLO
HLDN 2014-2A F 1,000,000   L60S CVR CLO
LEEK 17X MC 500,000   99.51 CVR RMBS
LEEK 19X CC 1,000,000   97.03 CVR RMBS
LEEK 19X DC 700,000   98.43 CVR RMBS
LROCK 2014-2A A 15,135,000   H98H CVR CLO
MHAWK 2013-2A D 1,500,000   TRD CVR CLO
NGATE 2006-1 BB 400,000   TRD CVR RMBS
OCT14 2012-1A E 2,200,000   M60S CVR CLO
OCT15 2013-1A D 4,000,000   DNT CVR CLO
OCT17 2013-1A D 5,000,000   85H CVR CLO
OZLMF 2013-5A D 5,000,000   83H CVR CLO
RASC 2004-KS3 MII3 5,400,000   DNT CVR RMBS
RASC 2005-KS3 M8 300,000   TRD CVR RMBS
RMAC 2005-NS2X M2C 2,100,000   81.61 CVR RMBS
RMACS 2006-NS2X M2C 1,000,000   79.78 CVR RMBS
SAEC 12 A2 9,000,000   101.442 CVR RMBS
SASC 2006-3H PO 1,700,000   DNT CVR RMBS
SRFC 2013-2A A 7,000,000   133 CVR ABS
STORM 2012-1 A2 7,800,000   101.032 CVR RMBS
STORM 2012-2 A2 11,000,000   101.325 CVR RMBS
STWRT 2015-1A E 4,000,000   84H CVR CLO
TAL 2014-2A A2 1,000,000   N+382 CVR ABS
VOYA 2014-3A C 4,265,000   88H CVR CLO
VOYA 2014-4A A1 12,080,000   M99H CVR CLO
WARW 1 C 1,000,000   91.76 CVR RMBS
WARW 2 C 500,000   92.66 CVR RMBS
WEN 2015-1A A23 5,700,000   N+326 CVR ABS
WESTB 2006-1A D 500,000   DNT CVR CLO

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