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SCI has been serving the structured credit markets for almost a decade and has generated a loyal and consistent readership in Europe and the US. This is a high value audience of both buy- and sell-side market professionals covering the breadth of front office, pricing and risk management roles.

Offering an unrivalled combination of news and data, SCI has attracted more traffic and the duration of a user's visit to the website has increased significantly in recent times.

SCI offers a variety of promotional opportunities:

Profile your target market: Select specific editorial coverage (e.g. CLOs/ RMBS) to have your advertisement appear alongside, or sponsor the website as a whole

Lead Generation
: Live Events/Webinars & Conferences
SCI offers tried and tested methods for generating high level sales leads using webinars, thought leadership articles and live events by offering insights into highly focussed areas of current concern.
For more information visit SCI's events page 

SCI's Website Visitor Analytics (Google)
Monthly Statistics - updated December 2014
- 6500 user sessions per month
- 27,000 page views
- Average session > 6 minute

For more information including rates and media information email John Owen Waller  or call +44 (0) 20 7061 6335

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