Banks are pursuing a variety of strategies to help reduce onerous charges on risk weighted assets (RWAs) and other non-core securities. How are banks structuring these trades, what are the risk and rewards for investors, and who is best placed to help structure and place these deals?

Join SCI for our first US Capital Relief Trades seminar on 15 September in New York where we'll host investors, broker-dealers and advisors and provide a granular panel-by-panel analysis of the opportunities in this nascent sector.  

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  LOCATION: 31 West 52nd Street, New York, NY



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12:30 - 13:20

Regulatory backdrop

- Relevant Basel III/CRR issues
- Securitisation regulation in the EU/treatment of synthetics
- Volcker
- Risk retention (EU and US)
- Reporting requirements (CRA3) 

Speakers include

David Vener, BNP Paribas (moderator)
Jessica Littlewood, Clifford Chance
Matt Moniot, Elanus Capital
Manish Kapoor, SEC

13:20 - 13:50

Networking Break

13:50 - 14:40

Originators and issuers

- Drivers for initiating a capital relief transaction
- Asset classes and jurisdictions
- Portfolio management/client relationship issues
- How these factors affect execution, pricing and structuring


Thomas Killian, Sandler O'Neill + Partners (moderator)
Andrew Hohns, Mariner Investment Group
Jeremy Bradley, Lloyds
Emaad Siddiqui
Konel Parekh, Citi

14:40 - 15:00

Networking Break

15:00 - 15:50

Structuring considerations
- Overview of a typical CRT structure
- Pros and cons of true sale versus synthetic securitisation
- Structuring alternatives
- Tranching of risk


Timothy Cleary, Clifford Chance (moderator)
Aaron Barnes, Mariner Investment Group
Orlando Gemes, Fairwater Capital
Jeff Farron, Assured Guaranty

15:50 - 16:20

Networking Break

16:20 - 17:10

Investor issues

- Due diligence, data and reporting
- Credit risk and collateral structures
- Replenishment and control
- Investor sponsored issuers
- Verification of losses


David Felsenthal, Clifford Chance (moderator)
Juan Grana, Nomura
David Moffit, J.C. Flowers

17:10 - 18:00

Pricing and valuation

- Which modelling and data issues should investors take into consideration
- How can the lack of a liquid/efficient index tranche market be addressed when making assumptions around default correlation?
- Prospects for a secondary market
- Is there an implicit 'spread floor' provided by banks' 'opportunity' cost of capital and would a tighter market generate more supply?


Kaikobad Kakalia, Chorus Capital Management
Kaelyn Abrell, Arrowpoint Partners
Bob Paterson, Lloyds


Cocktails & Networking



SCI's inaugural Capital Relief Trades Seminar, December 2015, London


"I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and appreciated that there is finally a dedicated Risk/Capital Relief seminar. It was good to have an event which specifically focusses on risk transfer transactions solely. The balance between investors and issuers was good. Very good to hear and see investors at the same table and hear they common vies on the market as it stands. The networking is I think the most important aspect of this event, so appreciated the frequent break-outs enabling to catch up with almost all participants." SO, RaboBank


"We got exposure to the Reg Cap market which is very private in nature, and allowing us to network with various market participants was very helpful. Further, the content covered by the panel was quite technical and detail, which is very useful as well." TS, Barclays


"Was a good occasion to meet other market participants and interesting to get their perspective on market trends." VM, Nomura


"What was important from my side was that the event covered all aspects of CRT transactions from regulation, to structuring considerations, pricing and finally opportunities and relative value so there was no section missing as such." KK, Santander 


"The event was very useful and well-organised. The most important aspect is the insight from market practitioners, and therefore the panel format was very effective." GA,  BNP Paribas




 Attend the SCI Capital Relief Trades seminar to get updates on regulations, trades, and the investor community via this in-depth exploration of what is set to become a fast expanding asset class.

 This the ideal time to learn and network with the industry to determine your strategy in this sector.

Don't get left behind as new investors enter the market at your expense.


This event will bring together:

Regulators | Law firms | Issuers | Hedge Funds | Broker-Dealers | Institutional investors | Structurers | Heads of RWAs


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