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Euro ABS activity encouraging

11 July 2014

The seasonal summer slowdown has not yet set in for the European ABS market. While the secondary market might be softening a little, activity in the primary market continues at good levels. "We are still seeing new deals being announced in the market so we have got a few weeks more to go before things get quiet. It is an active primary m...

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Secondary ABS supply picks up

10 July 2014

US ABS bid-list volume was up yesterday to more than US$230, with SCI's PriceABS data revealing several student loan tranches out for the bid. Dealer offering levels were mostly unchanged, while auto paper was also available. In the student loan space a US$10m piece of the ACCSS 2005-1 A3 tranche was talked at around 99 and at around 99.5. It was...

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Secondary RMBS supply rises sharply

9 July 2014

A couple of sizable US non-agency RMBS bid-lists helped bring secondary market activity up sharply yesterday after Monday's slow start to the week. BWIC volume reached around US$600m with subprime paper leading the charge. SCI's PriceABS data captured a number of names out for the bid during the session. Among them was the AHMA 2007-1 A1 option A...

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Location boosts CRE performance

7 July 2014

Over 26,000 loans collateralising US conduit CMBS deals issued since 2005 - representing US$363bn or about 80% of the conduit universe - have so far reported full-year 2013 cashflow data. Bank of America Merrill Lynch CMBS analysts have aggregated this data across vintages, property types and property locations to glean a better...

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