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Job swaps round-up - 24 November

EMEA Alvin Wong has been hired as director at United Overseas Bank (UOB). Previously he was svp...

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  • 1 Job swaps round-up - 24 November

    EMEA Alvin Wong has been hired as director at United Overseas Bank (UOB). Previously he was svp at DBS bank where he was...


  • 2 Thinking outside the box

    Investor demand is driving an expansion of the US prime RMBS credit box. Following years of issuance focused on what could be...


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  • 3 Inaugural island auto ABS markets

    My Money Bank (MMB) is marketing an inaugural €527m static cash auto ABS. The transaction, titled SapphireOne Auto...


  • 4 UK CMBS prices tight

    Taurus 2017-2 UK, a rare single-loan UK CMBS (SCI 17 November), has priced. All offered tranches were well covered and final...


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PriceABS Market Colour Last updated: 23 November 2017

Daily prices from US and European secondary market trades:

  • BLACK 2015-1X A1 / 2,500,000 / CVR / CLO
  • BLACK 2015-1X A1 / 2,500,000 / TALK / CLO
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ABS/CDO Database Last updated: 17 November 2017

Deals added last week Include:

  • FREMF 2017-KP04 / CMBS
  • FRESB 2017-SB42 / CMBS
  • FREMF 2017-K69 / CMBS
  • FREMF 2017-KF38 / CMBS

Capital Relief Trades DatabaseLast updated: 16 November 2017

This database is for full subscribers only and currently contains 118 deals

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Deal Pipeline Last updated: 24 November 2017

Recent additions include:

  • Latitude Australia Personal Loans Series 2017-1A$542.5m / ABS
  • SapphireOne Auto 2017-1 / ABS
  • SC Germany Consumer 2017-1 / €850m / ABS
  • Ginkgo Compartment Sales Finance 2017-1 (re-offer) / €530m / ABS

CMBS Loan Events Last updated: 17 November 2017

Details of events since March 2011 impacting loans securitised in CMBS:

  • MSBAM 2016-C29 / Green Valley Crossing
  • GSMS 2012-GCJ9, WFCM 2016-BNK1, WFCM 2016-LC24 & WFCM 2016-C35 / Pinnacle I & Pinnacle II
  • COMM 2013-CR11 / iPark Hudson Buildings 4 & 5
  • MSBAM 2013-C13 & MSBAM 2014-C14 / Stonestown Galleria

CDO Manager Transfer Database Last updated: 27 July 2017

Discover where a manager of a CDO has changed, the deal name and original manager:

  • TABS 2005-4 / Dock Street Capital Management
  • Trapeza CDO X / Hildene Collateral Management Company


Latest jobs

Job Swaps Last updated: 21 November 2017

First Name Last Name Company Moved To Type New Role
Robert Bray GC Securities   Assistant Vice President, ILS Structuring & Origination
Weilong Su Swiss Re Reinsurance ILS Trading Analyst
Andrew Parmentier Highland Capital Management Capital Management Partner
James Zelter Apollo Global Management Investment Management Co-President
Scott Kleinman Apollo Global Management Investment Management Co-President
Aline Sternberg CSC   Head of Transaction Services, UK
Hinnerk Koch CSC   Managing Director
Jonathan Hanly CSC   Managing Director
Gordon Paterson Horseshoe Group ILS Firm Senior Vice President, Group Manager