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Auto ABS names abound

SCI's PriceABS data captured 26 unique US ABS tranches yesterday as bid-list supply surged, after we...

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  • 1 Auto ABS names abound

    SCI's PriceABS data captured 26 unique US ABS tranches yesterday as bid-list supply surged, after weather concerns had curtai...

  • 2 Different strokes

    HQS consultations reflect divergent approach
    The HQS consultations being undertaken by the EBA and the Basel Committee/IOSCO joint taskforce appe...

  • 3 CLO space stays active

    The storm battering the north-eastern US put a freeze on most secondary market activity yesterday, although a number of US CL...

  • 4 Made to measure

    Tranche investment patterns changing
    The end of 2014 was also something of an end of an era for the credit derivatives markets, as the CD...


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SCI Database Tools

PriceABS Market Colour Last updated: 28 January 2015

Daily prices from US and European secondary market trades:

  • ACASC 2013-1X A / 6,000,000 / CVR / CLO
  • ACASC 2013-1X A / 6,000,000 / TALK / CLO
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ABS/CDO Database Last updated: 23 January 2015

Deals added last week Include:

  • Apidos CLO XX / CLO
  • Goal Structured Solutions Trust 2015-1 / Student loan FFELP ABS
  • Towd Point Mortgage Trust 2015-1 / RMBS
  • AmeriCredit Automobile Receivables Trust 2015-1 / Auto non-prime ABS

Deal Pipeline Last updated: 29 January 2015

Recent additions include:

  • CGMSE 2015-1 / €415m / CLO
  • Ford Credit Floorplan Master Owner Trust A Series 2015-1 / ABS
  • Consumer Credit Origination Loan Trust 2015-1 / $327m / ABS
  • AIM Aviation Finance Series 2015 / $667m / ABS

CMBS Loan Events Last updated: 23 January 2015

Details of events since March 2011 impacting loans securitised in CMBS:

  • DECO 2007-C4 / Borehamwood Investments
  • TITN 2007-1
  • ECLIP 2006-4 / Cannon Bridge

CDO Manager Transfer Database Last updated: 19 January 2015

Discover where a manager of a CDO has changed, the deal name and original manager:


Top five CDS wideners and tighteners each day.


Full name Rank code

Change (bp)





Top 5 tighteners day-on-day
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. SEN -14.38 624.18
Bombardier Inc. SEN -37.05 535.19
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. SEN -12.27 252.42
MeadWestvaco Corporation SEN -13.46 43.88
United States Steel Corporation SEN -32.48 545.28
Top 5 wideners day-on-day
Freeport-McMoRan Inc SEN 31.47 351.06
Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation SEN 34.56 529.97
Meritor, Inc. SEN 35.06 297.56
Peabody Energy Corporation SEN 61.30 811.69
Teck Resources Ltd SEN 18.94 408.17

Source: Fitch Solutions

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Job Swaps Last updated: 25 January 2015

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Patrick Quinn Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft Law Firm Managing Partner
Chris Cox Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft Law Firm Head, Corporate Markets Practice
Andrew Bustilli BMS Capital Advisory Advisory Principal
Dan Hatcher Permira Debt Managers Debt Management Investment Director
Henrik Holcke Spire Partners Investment Management Senior Credit Analyst
Steven Kennedy ISDA Trade Association Global Head of Public Policy
Nick Sawyer ISDA Trade Association Head of Strategy, Research & Communications
Bella Rozenberg ISDA Trade Association Head of Regulatory & Legal Practice
Mary Johannes ISDA Trade Association Head of Non-Cleared Margin Implementation