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Autos boost ABS secondary supply

22 April 2014

An increase in US ABS bid-list supply yesterday was largely driven by auto ABS paper. BWIC volume reached around US$70m as equipment and whole business tranches also circulated. SCI's PriceABS data recorded several covers from the session as well as a range of price talk. Among those tranches was the FORDO 2013-B A3 tranche, which was talked at p...

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Spark returns to US RMBS market

17 April 2014

US RMBS secondary market activity finally picked up yesterday, as a US$678m bid-list traded. Non-agency BWIC volume reached over US$1bn for the session, with SCI's PriceABS data capturing 80 unique RMBS bonds. Interactive Data notes that the US$678m list "has all the hallmarks of being from one of the GSEs", although nothing has been officially c...

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New benchmark needed?

17 April 2014

Meaningful shifts in cashflow, structure and collateral performance for GSMS 2007-GG10 may mean that consideration of other transactions as the benchmark US CMBS is warranted. Although the GG10 duper is still the largest in the sector, recent loan liquidations have seen a number of other tranches being written down. In fact, Interactive Data note...

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Credit picking

16 April 2014

CLO investing in an evolving regulatory environment discussed
Representatives from Thomson Reuters, Prudential Fixed Income and Guggenheim Securities discussed the CLO investment landscape in an evolving regulatory environment during a live webinar hosted by SCI last month (view the webinar here). Topics included the impact of risk retention requirements and the Volcker Rule, as well as current drivers of rel...

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