13 March 2018

20+ Speakers

All leading figures in marketplace lending securitisation

165 Seats

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Join SCI for the 2nd Annual Marketplace Lending Securitisation Seminar on June 28 in New York.

After the success of the inaugural 2015 event this seminar will once more bring together the most relevant investors, issuers, arrangers and service firms in the industry to discuss the most pressing topics affecting the sector.



  • Regulatory landscape

    Regulatory attitudes towards capital relief trades remain variable. This panel looks at the US versus the European landscape, drivers for US banks to begin using risk transfer more widely and the use of credit insurance where regulators don’t recognise synthetic securitisation for capital relief purposes.

  • Financing

    The panel will cover:

    • Comparison of marketplace loans to other consumer assets
    • Representations and warranties related to this asset class
    • How particular legal/regulatory risks should be handled in connection with a financing facility
    • The importance of true sale/non-consolidation objectives in structuring a facility
    • Bank origination vs. platform origination models
    • Importance of Backup Servicers

    • Moderator: Henry Morriello, Kaye Scholer
      • Michelangelo Raimondi, Morgan Stanley
      • Oliver Nisenson, Credit Suisse
      • Morgan Edwards, CommonBond
  • Networking Break

  • Keynote

    Jackson Mueller: Deputy Director, FinTech Program, Center for Financial Markets - Milken Institute
  • Platform differentiation

    Against the increasing homogenisation of the sector, this panel will examine what differentiates marketplace lending platforms from online lenders and the different capital market strategies involved. It will look further into:
    • How important is balance sheet lending for fuelling growth?
    • What is the latest best practise in terms of cyber security and compliance management?
    • How have investment strategies in the sector evolved?
    • How are platforms managing reputational risk?
    • How important are bank partnerships in marketplace lending's future?

    Moderator: Lawton Camp, Kaye Scholer
    • Mike Joplin, Servatus
    • Larry Chiavaro, First Associates
    • Todd Veale, Global Debt Registry
    • Oren Bass, Pave
  • Networking Break

  • Emerging assets

    A look at the emergence of mortgage/real estate marketplace lenders and the steps necessary for securitisation of these loans. How do origination and underwriting practises differ from those of the more established marketplace assets? How should investors approach deals backed by new asset types and/or originated by new platforms? Is SME marketplace lending/ABS likely to grow significantly?

    Moderator: Ram Ahluwalia, PeerIQ
    • Allen Shayanfekr, Sharestates
    • Charles Duddy, RealtyMogul
    • Paul Stockamore, LendingHome
    • Jason Jones, NSR Invest & iFunding
  • Existing Transactions - Issuance and Structuring Considerations

    A discussion of the transactions that have been done to date, with a particular focus on the structural and economic considerations related to such transactions. The panel will cover:
    • The appetite of investors for marketplace loan ABS products at this time
    • Investors’ assessment of the value of marketplace loans as compared to other consumer assets
    • Diligence with respect to asset origination based upon whether bank origination or platform origination model is employed
    • Disclosure/risk factors related to this asset class, particularly with respect to legal/regulatory matters Importance of servicing
    • Views of the rating agencies and investors as they relate to the asset representations and warranties
    • The impact of Dodd-Frank risk retention on this asset class

    Moderator: Henry Morriello, Kaye Scholer
    • Steven Moffitt, Goldman Sachs
    • Chuck Weilamann, DBRS
    • Tim Saunders, Goldman Sachs
  • Cocktails & Networking



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This seminar will bring together the most relevant figures in marketplace lending and securitisation together in one room to discuss the most pressing topics affecting the industry today.


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    Marketplace Lending is at a crucial moment where it is gaining mass and speed and is becoming more present in the financial minds of the everyday individual. Events such as these help to gather support for the industry and galvanise the strength to push it to the next level of its development.