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  • Downgrades for 'lower quality' mall CMBS

    Sector developments and company hires

    Downgrades for ‘lower quality’ mall CMBS Moody's has downgraded 119 pri...

    Market moves    26 April 2021
  • Non-prime pick-up

    UK RMBS driving European volumes

    UK RMBS led European placed securitisation volume in 1Q21, rising to €12.7bn-equivalent fro...

    News Analysis    26 April 2021
  • SCI Start the Week - 26 April

    A review of securitisation activity over the past seven days

    Last week's stories Bottoming out EU NPL ratios improve Climate concerns The nexus between i...

    News    26 April 2021
  • CLO investment firm formed

    Sector developments and company hires

    CLO investment firm formed York Capital Management and Kennedy Lewis Investment Management have f...

    Market moves    23 April 2021
  • Texas template

    TCB CRT establishes blueprint for US banks, say SCI speakers

    The recent $275m 3-year CLN capital relief trade from Texas Capital Bank (TCB) has established a pre...

    News    23 April 2021
  • Uncertainty highlighted

    UK banks unclear on project finance slotting

    The application of the slotting approach to synthetic securitisations referencing project finance as...

    News Analysis    23 April 2021
  • Investor interest

    European CLOs attracting new investors to mezz and equity

    European CLO primary activity continues to roll, with seemingly unwavering investor demand supportin...

    News Analysis    22 April 2021
  • Taxonomy Delegated Act adopted

    Sector developments and company hires

    Taxonomy Delegated Act adopted The European Commission has adopted what it describes as an &ldq...

    Market moves    22 April 2021
  • Climate concerns

    KBRA md Peter Giacone and Nephila Climate structured finance director Ariane West discuss the nexus ...

    PG: How does the insurance industry fit into the ESG discussion and where do you see touch points wi...

    Talking Point    22 April 2021
  • Bottoming out

    EU NPL ratios improve

    Despite the significant decline in economic activity since the coronavirus outbreak, European banks...

    News    22 April 2021
  • Forbearance SPV availability ends

    Sector developments and company hires

    Forbearance SPV availability ends The Australian Office of Financial Management has released an upd...

    Market moves    21 April 2021
  • Blockchain mortgage 'ecosystem' prepped

    Sector developments and company hires

    Blockchain mortgage ‘ecosystem’ prepped Liquid Mortgage has raised capital fr...

    Market moves    20 April 2021
  • Third 2021 STACR prints

    With Fannie Mae still on the sidelines, Freddie corners CRT space

    Freddie Mac yesterday (April 19) printed its third STACR deal of the year, designated STACR 2021-DNA...

    News    20 April 2021
  • RWA boost

    ECB reveals TRIM findings

    The ECB has published the findings from its targeted review of internal models (TRIM). The exercise...

    News Analysis    20 April 2021
  • CRT seminar line-up finalised

    Workshop and roundtable discussion on the agenda

    SCI’s 5th Annual Risk Transfer & Synthetics Seminar is taking place tomor...

    News    20 April 2021
  • Risk transfer round-up - 19 April

    CRT sector developments and deal news

    News    19 April 2021
  • Regional resilience

    Structural enhancements for debut aircraft ABS

    Falko Regional Aircraft has priced its debut aircraft ABS, marking the first post-pandemic securitis...

    News    19 April 2021
  • SCI Start the Week - 19 April

    A review of securitisation activity over the past seven days

    Last week's stories Income opportunities Angel Oak Capital Advisors, answers SCI's questions ...

    News    19 April 2021
  • GSE Patch to end

    Sector developments and company hires

    GSE Patch to end Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have announced that any loans purchased after 1 July...

    Market moves    16 April 2021
  • Federal preemption challenges continue

    Sector developments and company hires

    Federal preemption challenges continue Two US courts have heard actions that are of significance to...

    Market moves    15 April 2021
  • Shifting trends

    Differing ESG impacts on credit quality considered

    ESG considerations pose higher credit risk to certain securitisation asset classes and certain globa...

    News    15 April 2021