Last updated: 20 May 2022



The week finished on a weak note. There are ...

USD CLO Mezz/Equity

$22m of liquidity today, all BBB with spreads continuing ...


The only AA trade, Jubilee 2014-11 traded at 233dm ...

20 May 2022


BWIC Commentary/Prices

Last updated: 24 May 2022

BWIC Calendar

Last updated: 23 May 2022

NameOriginal SizePrice TypeDeal Type
BABSN 2018-3A D / 1,310,000 / CVR / CLO
BALLY 2018-1A C / 2,410,000 / CVR / CLO
BCC 2021-4A D / 2,290,000 / CVR / CLO
BLUME 2016-1X AR / 4,000,000 / CVR / CLO
CIFC 2019-3A CR / 2,480,000 / CVR / CLO
DWOLF 2017-1A DR / 1,740,000 / CVR / CLO

Secondary market prices

Last updated: 10 May 2022

Capital Relief Trades database

Last updated: 23 May 2022

Pricing dateNameClassCurrencySize(m)BmarkInitial PT
23-May-2022Kimi 11 (SCF Rahoituspalvelut XI)DEUR37.31m€
23-May-2022Kimi 11 (SCF Rahoituspalvelut XI)CEUR51m€
23-May-2022Kimi 11 (SCF Rahoituspalvelut XI)BEUR111m€
23-May-2022Kimi 11 (SCF Rahoituspalvelut XI)AEUR496.71m€H40s/50
23-May-2022Swiss Credit Card Issuance 2022-1CCHF4Fixed
23-May-2022Swiss Credit Card Issuance 2022-1BCHF6Fixed

Euro ABS/MBS Deal

Last updated: 16 May 2022

Pricing dateDeal NameTickerSize(m)Manager
25-Feb-2019St. Pauls CLO XSPAUL 10410.1Intermediate Capital Group
14-Feb-2019Aurium CLO VACLO 5447.75Spire Partners
25-Jan-2019Madison Park Euro Funding XIIICADOG 13509CSAM
18-Jul-2019Sound Point Euro CLO IISNDPE 2406.75Sound Point Capital Management
16-Jul-2019Harvest CLO XXIIHARVT 22477.88Investcorp
12-Jul-2019Toro European CLO 6TCLO 6360.4Chenavari

CLO Issuance Data


Market moves Last updated: 6 May 2022

First NameLast NameCompany Moved ToTypeNew Role
EvanPalenschatProskauerLaw FirmPartner, Private Credit Group
AlfredoMoreiraBlue Owl CapitalAsset ManagementCLO Structurer
AdrianGrammerstorfPembertonCredit Fund ManagementHead of Firm
JuliaTsybinaClifford ChanceLaw FirmPartnership Team
VladVladescuZ CapitalCredit Fund ManagementDirector, Investment Team
GregoryPoosZ CapitalCredit Fund ManagementDirector, Investment Team

Market moves database