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  • Structured Finance

    • New paradigm?

      Trustee discretion required in virtual environment

      The coronavirus crisis ushered in a new paradigm for securitisation noteholder communication and documentation processes, as remote working was enforced. This change has demanded flexibility from trustees and agents amid the uncertainty. Morgan Kro...

  • CLOs

    • Long road ahead

      CLO secondary pricing action premature?

      Sentiment in the CLO secondary market is overwhelmingly positive, which is showing up in recent pricing levels. While such sentiment is hopefully not misplaced, it is perhaps somewhat premature. “Markets are priced to perfection, which is...

  • Capital Relief Trades

    • Repricing of risk?

      Funded, unfunded investor collaboration to rise

      The outlook for the significant risk transfer market appears to be positive, at least in the short term. Not only is the instrument likely to play a role in the post-coronavirus economic recovery, but it could also help bridge a gap left by the repri...

    • First steps

      STS synthetics paper receives qualified welcome

      The EBA’s final framework for STS synthetic securitisations has received an overall positive reception from the capital relief trades market (SCI 7 May), although questions remain regarding the limitation of preferential capital treatment t...

  • News

    • May payments slump

      Forbearances are down for the first time since CARES, but payments by borrowers in forbearance slump

      Last week saw the first net fall in US mortgage forbearances since the beginning of the Covid 19 crisis, according to Black Knight data released this morning, but this encouraging news hides other more disquieting information, say market experts. W...

  • Structured Finance

    • SCI Start the Week - 1 June

      A review of securitisation activity over the past seven days

      Last week's stories Accessing guarantees CBILS securitisation warehouses mulled Forbearances falter Forbearance volumes slow, but the next stage is daunting Galaxy returns Alpha relaunches NPL ABS Growth phase European CLOs se...

  • Capital Relief Trades

    • Risk transfer round-up - 5 June

      CRT sector developments and deal news

      Sabadell is rumoured to be readying an SME significant risk transfer deal for the second half of the year. The lender launched its first risk transfer trade in September 2019 in full stack form (see SCI’s capital relief trades database). &a...

  • CLOs

    • Experience counts

      CLO managers surveyed

      Manager differentiation remains a key issue in the CLO market, with many investors focusing on individual experience of past crises. A new survey of CLO managers by Fitch provides some reassurance in this regard. "Whether portfolio manager...

    • Managers measured

      CLO manager pandemic performance quantified

      US CLO managers have worked harder than ever before to reduce triple-C exposure and build par in unprecedented circumstances since the start of March. Now, as rating downgrades appear to have plateaued it can be seen that their industry has met with...

  • NPLs

    • NPL ABS prepped

      Pancretan Bank readies Castor

      Pancretan Bank is readying a non-performing loan ABS that references an approximately €1.1bn real estate-backed SME portfolio. Dubbed Project Castor, the transaction is one of a handful of Greek NPL securitisations launched during the corona...

    • Collection hitch

      Italian NPL ABS suffer Covid setback

      The Covid-19 pandemic has severely hit Italian non-performing loan securitisations. Since April, the volume of gross collections has decreased by about 46% relative to the January-February average. Low collection levels are likely to persist for the...

  • RMBS

    • Vulnerability highlighted

      Irish re-performing RMBS 'more sensitive'

      Measures taken to contain the coronavirus pandemic have resulted in economic contraction, which is expected to weaken Irish RMBS further (SCI 30 April). Due to the characteristics of the underlying collateral, S&P suggests that Irish re-perfo...

    • Risk mitigation

      Southern European RMBS 'insulated'

      An increase in European RMBS delinquency rates is expected in the coming months, reflecting coronavirus-induced stress on borrowers. However, Southern European RMBS transactions have structural features and portfolio characteristics that are expected...

  • Market moves

  • Structured Finance

    • Equity opportunities?

      Sector developments and company hires

      Equity opportunities? Despite a lack of visibility and liquidity and with cashflows likely to deteriorate further into upcoming July payment dates, there may be some opportunities in the CLO equity space, according to a new research report from JPMo...

    • More Euro CLOs on review

      Sector developments and company hires

      More Euro CLOs on review Moody’s has put a further 234 tranches from 77 European BSL CLOs on review for possible downgrade. The securities involved are rated Baa2 to B1 and below. The action brings the total number of European CLOs Moody...

    • Conduit CMBS on watch

      Sector developments and company hires

      Conduit CMBS on watch S&P has placed its ratings of 96 classes from 30 US conduit CMBS on credit watch (CW) with negative implications, reflecting the bonds' exposure to the adverse impact of Covid-19 on the lodging and retail sect...

    • Senators seek TALF expansion

      Sector developments and company hires

      Senators seek TALF expansion US Senators Jerry Moran, Martha McSally and Thom Tillis sent a letter to Fed chairman Jerome Powell and Treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin requesting that TALF be expanded to accept ABS backed by assets from all essentia...

  • Capital Relief Trades

  • Capital Relief Trades

    • Capital trouble

      GSEs stare down the barrel of reduced capital relief for CRT deals

      The re-proposed capital rules for the GSEs before they exit conservatorship, released by the Federal Housing Finance Authority (FHFA) on May 20, add further doubts to the future of the CRT market, according to market opinion. Compared to the rules...

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