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Structured Finance

  • SCI Start the Week - 18 September

    A review of SCI's latest content

    Last week's news and analysis BXCI to offer 'one-stop solution' Updates on Blackstone’s integration, Ginnie’s social bond and YieldStreet’s settlement Italian SME boost EIB Group and Deutsche Bank close synthetic...

  • Spanish CRT prices

    Magdalena 7 prices tighter.

    Santander has executed the seventh synthetic securitisation from its Magdalena programme. The trade, which features a €142.5m tranche and a 7.5% thickness (1%-8.5%), priced at three-month Euribor plus 10%. The transaction references a &...

  • Risk transfer round-up - 21 September

    The week's CRT developments and deal news

    Market newsApproximately US$1.28bn in aggregate original principal amount of notes was validly tendered last week in Freddie Mac’s latest offer to purchase STACR securities. The tender offer comprised 16 class of notes from the 2017-2019 vi...

  • JPM sounds the klaxon

    SRT prices, and new mega-deal looms

    Not only is JP Morgan said to have recently priced its heralded SRT deal utilizing the new, regulator-friendly SPV structure, a very large trade referencing a pool of multinational corporate loans is reputed to be in the works. According to sources...

The Structured Credit Interview

Real Estate

  • Rhapsody in retail

    CMBS offers liquidity for non-mall retail borrowers

    Since the restrictions imposed by the Covid 19 pandemic and probably before, the US commercial real estate (CRE) sector has by and large been in the doldrums. But experienced CRE investors can find value and remain funded by a combination of traditio...

Market Moves

Structured Finance

  • Job swaps weekly: CBRE names new debt and structured finance president

    People moves and key promotions in securitisation

    This week’s roundup of securitisation job swaps sees CBRE appointing a successor to its outgoing US debt and structured finance president, Rachel Vinson. Elsewhere, the Structured Finance Association has appointed two industry vete...

  • ESMA shines light on private securitisations

    Market updates and sector developments

    ESMA has published an overview of EU securitisation volumes, based on the data it receives under the Securitisation Regulation. The study shows that the size of the European securitisation market has decreased significantly since its peak of &eur...

  • RFC issued on CMBS methodology

    Market updates and sector developments

    Scope is calling for comments on a proposal to update its CRE loan and CMBS rating methodology. The proposed changes are expected to affect existing ratings assigned by the agency by up to two notches on the upside and four notches on the downside. ...