Monday 23 May 2022 11:14 London/ 06.14 New York/ 19.14 Tokyo

A review of SCI's latest content

Last week's news and analysis
Accelerating change
NPL ABS evolution gathers pace
Accountability required
Further transparency needed for ESG CLOs
Capital boost
European banks ready for cycle turn
Climate countdown
Green SRT challenges highlighted
Complex picture
European ABS/MBS market update
Fannie prints fifth CIRT of 2022
CIRT and ACIS ride high
Juicy CRT
Historical wides entice fast money
New path
Mexican securitisation marks firsts for StepStone
Prepare for take-off
If all indicator lights hold true, then the European CRE CLO market is primed

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Recent premium research to download
Green SRT challenges - May 2022
A green synthetic securitisation framework remains lacking, despite the current regulatory focus on ESG. This Premium Content article explores why.
Aircraft ABS turbulence - April 2022
The fallout from the Ukraine crisis is likely to affect the entire aircraft ABS market, rather than simply those deals with exposure to Russian assets. This Premium Content article outlines why the sector is bracing for a bumpy ride.
Marking 25 Years of cat bonds - April 2022
With the climate threat menacing ever more, is the catastrophe bond market set to see exponential growth? This Premium Content article investigates.
MDB CRT challenges - March 2022
A number of challenges continue to constrain multilateral development bank capital relief trade issuance. This Premium Content article investigates whether these obstacles can be overcome.

SCI events calendar: 2022
SCI’s 4th Annual NPL Securitisation Seminar
27 June 2022, Milan
SCI’s 8th Annual Capital Relief Trades Seminar
20 October 2022, London
SCI’s 3rd Annual Middle Market CLO Seminar
November 2022, New York