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A look at the major activity in structured finance over the past seven days

The pipeline remained subdued last week, albeit a good mix of asset classes were represented. ABS accounted for the majority of newly-announced deals, with a handful of RMBS, CMBS and CLOs also marketing.

Newly-announced auto ABS comprised US$398.3m Credit Acceptance Auto Loan Trust 2018-3, US$301m Flagship Credit Auto Trust 2018-3, CNY1.94bn Generation 2018-1, US$978m Santander Drive Auto Receivables Trust 2018-4, US$1.25bn Toyota Auto Receivables 2018-C Owner Trust and US$800m Westlake Automobile Receivables Trust 2018-3. The more esoteric ABS to enter the pipeline were US$1.575bn Applebee's Funding/IHOP Funding Series 2018-1, US$70m CLIF V Holdings Series 2018-1, US$300m Diamond Resorts Owner Trust 2018-1, A$300m Thorn ABS Warehouse Trust No. 1 and US$466.8m Willis Engine Structured Trust IV.

The RMBS consisted of US$655m AmeriHome GMSR Issuer Trust Series 2018-GT1, US$653.28m Bellemeade Re 2018-2, A$388m Liberty Series 2018-1 SME Trust, US$497.95m MetLife Securitization Trust 2018-1 and A$350m Resimac Bastille Trust Series 2018-1NC. Finally, a pair each of CLOs (US$408.4m Anchorage Capital CLO 2018-10 and US$409m TICP CLO XI) and CMBS (US$238m Monarch Beach Resort Trust 2018-MBR and US$692.1m WFCM 2018-C46) were also marketing.

A similar mix of asset classes were represented among last week’s pricings. The stand-out print was a UK CMBS.

The non-auto ABS new issues comprised: US$1.25bn Bank of America Credit Card Trust 2018-3, US$1bn Citibank Credit Card Issuance Trust 2018-6, US$358.3m Conn's Receivables Funding Series 2018-A, US$300m Insurance Administration Fee Series 2018-1, US$502.65m Master Credit Card Trust II Series 2018-3, US$675.17m SoFi Professional Loan Program 2018-C and US$287m VSE 2018-A VOI Mortgage. The auto ABS were US$400m Ally Master Owner Trust Series 2018-3, US$400m Ally Master Owner Trust Series 2018-4, US$1.25bn AmeriCredit Automobile Receivables Trust 2018-2 and US$1bn Chesapeake Funding II Series 2018-2.

A number of CLOs also priced: US$663m Apidos XXX CLO, US$512.6m BlueMountain CLO 2018-2, US$718m GoldenTree Loan Opportunities X (refinancing), US$525.1m OHA Loan Funding 2013-I (refinancing), US$505.25m Rockford Tower CLO 2018-2, US$411m Trinitas CLO IV (refinancing) and US$500m York CLO-1 (refinancing). The RMBS prints included: US$2.3bn Freddie Mac Seasoned Credit Risk Transfer Trust Series 2018-3, US$150m Ocwen Master Advance Receivables Trust Series 2018-T1 and US$150m Ocwen Master Advance Receivables Trust Series 2018-T2.

The US$1.18bn FREMF 2018-K79 and £261.7m Taurus 2018-2 UK CMBS, as well as the US$285m HUNT 2018-FL2 CRE CLO rounded out the issuance.

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Deal news

  • Santander has completed its second FT Pymes Magdalena risk transfer transaction. The €166.3m CLN references a €2.5bn Spanish SME portfolio and pays three-month Euribor plus 8.85%.