SCI Start the Week - 20 August

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A look at the major activity in structured finance over the past seven days

The pipeline was quite sparse by the end of last week. A handful of ABS were still marketing, as well as a CLO and a CMBS.

The newly announced ABS were: US$251.67m CCG Receivables Trust 2018-2, US$2.25bn Honda Auto Receivables 2018-3 Owner Trust, US$500.5m Prosper Marketplace Lending Issuance Trust 2018-2, NZ$150m Q Card Trust 2018-1 and CNY8.01bn Silver Arrow China 2018-1. The US$530m CSWF 2018-TOP CMBS and US$460.2m Marathon CLO XII were also marketing.

ABS and CLOs accounted for the majority of last week’s prints. A pair of CMBS and an RMBS also priced.

The auto ABS new issues comprised US$398.3m Credit Acceptance Auto Loan Trust 2018-3, US$297.28m Flagship Credit Auto Trust 2018-3, US$979m Santander Drive Auto Receivables Trust 2018-4, US$1.9bn Toyota Auto Receivables 2018-C Owner Trust and US$1.1bn Westlake Automobile Receivables Trust 2018-3. The non-auto ABS pricings were US$70m CLIF V Holdings Series 2018-1, US$400m Diamond Resorts Owner Trust 2018-1 and US$373.44m Willis Engine Structured Trust IV.

Meanwhile, last week’s CLO refinancings included €411.7m CVC Cordatus Loan Fund VII, US$567.61m Magnetite XII, US$415.8m Marathon CLO VIII, US$509.4m MP CLO VII and US$365.7m Park Avenue Institutional Advisers CLO 2016-1. The CLO new issues were US$444.15m Ares XXVIIIR CLO, US$435.16m Golub Capital Partners CLO 37(B), US$509.6m Myers Park CLO and US$409m TICP CLO XI.

The US$505m FRESB 2018-SB52 and US$212m MSC 2018-BOP CMBS, together with the US$998.97m JP Morgan Mortgage Trust 2018-8 RMBS rounded out last week’s issuance.

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Deal news

  • The EIF has completed a guarantee agreement with Banca Popolare di Bari under the SME Initiative for Italy. The transaction consists of a number of structural features designed to reduce moral hazard.