SCI Start the Week - 28 March

SCI Start the Week - 28 March

Monday 28 March 2022 11:13 London/ 06.13 New York/ 19.13 Tokyo

A review of SCI's latest content

NPL awards open
The submissions period has opened for SCI’s inaugural NPL Securitisation Awards, covering the European non-performing loan securitisation market. The qualifying period is the 12 months to 31 March 2022.
Nominations should be received by 3 May. Winners will be announced at SCI’s NPL Securitisation Seminar, in Milan on 27 June.
Click here for more information on the award categories and pitching process.

Last week's news and analysis
Inequitable frameworks
Data analyses demonstrate punitive ABS treatment
Landmark SRT launched
mBank debuts polish synthetic ABS
Lumpy SOFR
New Libor bill fails to clear up potential Libor versus SOFR mismatch
Ratings cap?
Risks in BNPL-backed securitisations weighed
Risk transfer reboot
CRT pipeline back on track
SME SRT disclosed
Last EFSI SRT revealed
STACR three
Freddie Mac completes Q1 CRT borrowing
Thoughtful approach
Olivier Renault at Pemberton Asset Management answers SCI's questions
Window of opportunity
European ABS/MBS market update

For all of last week’s stories including ‘Market moves’ and ‘Risk transfer round-up’ click here.

SCI CLO Markets
CLO Markets provides deal-focused information on the global primary and secondary CLO markets. It offers intra-day updates and searchable deal databases alongside BWIC pricing and commentary. Please email Jamie Harper at SCI for more information or to set up a free trial here.

Recent Premium research to download
MDB CRT challenges - March 2022
A number of challenges continue to constrain multilateral development bank capital relief trade issuance. This Premium Content article investigates whether these obstacles can be overcome.
The rise of the ESG advisor - March 2022
ESG advisors are gaining traction in the securitisation market, as sustainability becomes an ever-more import consideration for investors and issuers. This Premium Content article investigates what the role entails.
CLO Control Equity - March 2022
CLO equity is back in vogue and is attracting attention for all the right reasons. As this Premium Content article suggests, for suitably prepared investors, taking a majority position can increase the benefits still further.
Stablecoin and securitisation - February 2022
Appropriate regulation of digital payment could pave the way for the issuance of securitisations in stablecoins. However, this Premium Content article argues that further standardisation across the blockchain ecosystem is needed for the technology to reach a critical mass.
US auto CLNs - February 2022
Santander’s recent auto CRT echoed those previously issued by JPMorgan Chase. This Premium Content article examines the similarities and differences between the transactions.

SCI Events calendar: 2022
SCI’s 6th Annual Risk Transfer & Synthetics Seminar
27 April 2022, New York

SCI’s 4th Annual NPL Securitisation Seminar
27 June 2022, Milan

SCI’s 8th Annual Capital Relief Trades Seminar
20 October 2022, London

SCI’s 3rd Annual Middle Market CLO Seminar
November 2022, New York