Derivatives are financial instruments that derive from an underlying asset such as a commodity, bond or currency. SCI’s derivatives coverage focuses on the structuring and trading of derivatives relating to securitisation and structured credit. The instruments covered are primarily: credit default swaps (CDS) and options; correlation trading through index tranches; total return swaps on credit and loan indices and baskets; bespoke tranches; and other new and unusual synthetic structures.

  • STS synthetics framework unveiled

    EBA publishes landmark consultation

    The EBA has published its long-awaited discussion paper on its proposals for an STS framework for sy...

    News Analysis    25 September 2019
  • Competitive boost

    QMP expiration levels playing field

    The US Treasury’s plan to reform the country’s housing system is expected to lev...

    News    13 September 2019
  • Risk transfer round-up - 12 September

    CRT sector developments and deal news

    Intesa Sanpaolo is rumoured to be prepping for 4Q19 two capital relief trades that reference respect...

    News    12 September 2019
  • Risk profile

    Basel 4 impact to vary based on business model

    The EBA last month published its advice on the implementation of Basel 4 in the EU, with its impact...

    News Analysis    12 September 2019
  • Going concern?

    Synthetics could help address UTP burden

    Synthetic securitisation is being put forward as one way of proactively addressing the unlikely-to-p...

    News Analysis    5 September 2019
  • Regulatory boost

    Italian SRT issuance picks up

    Italian capital relief trades are experiencing a strong pick-up in issuance this year as regulatory...

    News Analysis    30 August 2019
  • Esoteric opportunities

    Structured solutions to address corporate risk transfer needs

    The newly-formed CAC Specialty (SCI 21 August) is seeking to capitalise on the convergence of the in...

    News    30 August 2019
  • Risk transfer round-up - 28 August

    CRT sector developments and deal news

    Credit Suisse has called two transactions from its Magnolia Finance V programme. The transactions we...

    News    28 August 2019
  • Counterintuitive results

    EBA consultation incentivises unfunded SRT format

    The EBA’s consultation on the determination of the weighted average maturity of a securiti...

    News Analysis    23 August 2019
  • Risk transfer round-up - 16 August

    CRT sector developments and deal news

    UBI Banca is rumoured to be prepping an SME and corporate SRT for 3Q19. The alleged transaction is r...

    News    16 August 2019
  • Senior mezz eyed

    CRT issuers target asset managers

    Banks are targeting asset managers for the senior mezzanine tranches of dual-tranche capital relief...

    News Analysis    9 August 2019
  • Risk transfer round-up - 9 August

    CRT sector developments and deal news

    BNP Paribas is rumoured to be prepping a corporate capital relief trade for 3Q19. The lender&rsq...

    News    9 August 2019
  • Dual-tranche deal finalised

    Standard Chartered targets wide distribution

    Standard Chartered has completed a dual-tranche capital relief trade that references an undisclosed...

    News    2 August 2019
  • Landmark SRTs inked

    BP Bari completes capital relief trades

    Banca Popolare di Bari has completed two capital relief trades that reference respectively a &eu...

    News    2 August 2019
  • COSME tapped

    SME risk-sharing agreement signed

    Italian national promotional bank Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP) has tapped the EU's COSME...

    News    1 August 2019
  • BMO SRT launched

    BMO expands mid-market exposure

    Bank of Montreal (BMO) has completed a five-year financial guarantee that references US and Canadian...

    News    26 July 2019
  • Benchmark SRT inked

    Bank of Scotland completes unusual synthetic UK RMBS

    Bank of Scotland has launched its first post-crisis synthetic UK RMBS. Dubbed Syon Securities 2019,...

    News Analysis    25 July 2019
  • Risk transfer round-up - 24 July

    CRT sector developments and deal news

    Banca Popolare dell ‘Alto Adige is believed to be readying a capital relief trade that is...

    News    24 July 2019
  • Squaring the circle

    CRT issuers struggling with borrower anonymity

    Capital relief trade issuers are attempting to anonymise loan-by-loan data in transactions, while si...

    News Analysis    19 July 2019
  • Risk transfer round-up - 19 July

    CRT sector developments and deal news

    Monte dei Paschi di Siena is rumoured to be prepping an Italian SME significant risk transfer transa...

    News    19 July 2019
  • Operational issues

    CRT key steps outlined

    The operational issues involved in prepping a risk transfer transaction are often overlooked. Indeed...

    News Analysis    19 July 2019