Marketplace Lending

The growth of non-bank or peer-to-peer lending in recent years has led to the securitisation of a proportion of such loans, primarily in the US.
MPL (marketplace lending) deals form a sub-sector of the broader asset-backed securities, or ABS, market and have involved deals packaged into consumer/credit card ABS, RMBS, SME CLOs and student loan ABS.

Significant Risk Transfer

SRT News & Deal Data

SCI offers breaking news, new issuer updates, interviews with key players in the SRT sector, and regulatory coverage. SCI also provides the only database of its type available: the SCI SRT database, which features more than 1000 tranches and includes data points such as Issuer, Investor, size of tranche sold, jurisdiction and type of reference pool.

The SRT database is an essential complement to SCI's SRT News coverage, alongside the SRTx

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