Structured Credit Investor SCI's 2nd NPL Securitisation Seminar 2019


NPLs refers to securitisations that are structured utilising non-performing loans from either one or a collection of loan issuers. Typically involving large whole loan portfolios from distressed asset investors or non-core asset disposals from a bank, NPL securitisations are a strongly growing part of the structured credit and ABS markets. NPL structures used to date include ABS, RMBS and CLOs, though it is likely that these will broaden to CMBS and beyond in time.

  • Foreclosure uncertainty

    ECJ ruling leaves Spanish NPL investors in the dark

    The European Court of Justice’s (ECJ) 26 March judgement on early-termination clauses in S...

    News    12 April 2019
  • BWIC boom

    Quarterly SCI data update

    The first quarter of a year is usually quieter than the previous quarter and, for the most part, 1Q1...

    News Analysis    11 April 2019
  • Real estate relief

    NPL provisioning rules published

    The European Council of Ministers has adopted new rules for the provisioning of non-performing loans...

    News Analysis    10 April 2019
  • Positive outlook

    UTP securitisation prospects improve, despite challenges

    Future issuance of unlikely-to-pay (UTP) securitisations depends on the resolution of two challenges...

    News Analysis    5 April 2019
  • Obstacles remain

    European Parliament postpones NPL trading vote

    The European Parliament on Monday (1 April) postponed a vote on a non-performing loan secondary mark...

    News    3 April 2019
  • GACS successor

    New Italian NPL scheme launched

    The Italian government has introduced a successor to the GACS scheme. The replacement guarantee feat...

    News    22 March 2019
  • Control pursued

    Indian distressed debt unit established

    Deutsche Bank is setting up an asset reconstruction company (ARC) in India to buy and sell restructu...

    News    21 March 2019
  • GACS alternative?

    Investor group completes NPL securitisation

    A group of investors led by Värde, Guber and Barclays have acquired an approximately &e...

    News    15 March 2019
  • Servicing strength

    Debut Spanish NPL securitisations anticipated

    The Spanish non-performing loan market is reaching maturation, with the first securitisations from t...

    News Analysis    15 March 2019
  • Mixed performance

    Semi-annual NPL securitisation update debuts

    Moody’s has published the first in a series of semi-annual updates on European non-perform...

    News    14 March 2019
  • Formative stages

    Greek NPL momentum continues

    Of the investors surveyed in Ashurst’s latest global non-performing loan report, 39% state...

    News    13 March 2019
  • Servicing boost

    Intrum augments Greek presence

    Intrum is planning a purchase of a Greek debt servicing platform, which will act as a springboard fo...

    News    8 March 2019
  • Turkish NPL boost

    Distressed debt surge anticipated

    Turkish asset manager Hayat Varlik Yonetim expects non-performing loan sales in the country to jump...

    News    1 March 2019
  • Exit complete

    Irish RPL RMBS refinanced

    Ellington Residential Holdings Ireland is in the market with a €620m Irish re-performing RM...

    News    26 February 2019
  • Restructuring incentive

    Greece unveils mortgage NPL boost

    The Greek government is working on a plan that aims to meet ECB non-performing loan reduction target...

    News Analysis    22 February 2019
  • Test case

    Unsecured NPL transaction completed

    Bank of Cyprus has signed an agreement for the sale of a retail unsecured non-performing loan portfo...

    News    15 February 2019
  • Juno 2 completed

    BNL closes NPL securitisation

    Banca Nazionale del Lavoro has completed a €968m (GBV) non-performing loan securitisation o...

    News    11 February 2019
  • Leviticus closed

    Banco BPM completes NPL securitisation

    Banco BPM has completed a €7.4bn (GBV) securitisation of secured and unsecured Italian non-...

    News    8 February 2019
  • Nord LB acquisition dropped

    Bank opts for owner recapitalisation

    Nord LB’s owners have approved a plan to recapitalise the bank with funds from regional st...

    News    6 February 2019
  • SCI Start the week - 4 February

    A review of securitisation activity over the past seven days

    Transaction of the week Bank of Montreal has printed a US and Canadian leveraged loan capital reli...

    News    4 February 2019
  • NPL securitisation flourishes

    Extention of GACS to UTPs to fuel further growth?

    European NPL securitisation has flourished over the past two years, reaching a total of €15...

    News Analysis    4 February 2019