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Secondary markets

The post-issuance trading or buying and selling of instruments, including, but not exclusively, asset-backed securities or ABS; commercial or residential mortgage-backed securities or MBS or CMBS or RMBS; collateralised debt obligations or CDOs; and collateralised loan obligations or CLOs takes place in the secondary market. Prices established in the secondary market are seen as an efficient means of deriving the value of similar products for valuation purposes.

  • Mezz CLO fund offered

    AXA Investment Managers has launched the AXA IM Novalto - CLO Credit Fund, which will invest in mezz...

    News Round-up    6 June 2016
  • Freddie NPL auction results announced

    Freddie Mac has sold a further US$130.2m of deeply delinquent NPLs via auction. The 487 loans are se...

    News Round-up    3 June 2016
  • Valuation firm hires secondary pro

    Duff & Phelps has recruited Dexter Blake as md and part of its portfolio valuation practice....

    Job Swaps    3 June 2016
  • US CLOs firming up

    The US CLO secondary market is heating up again after a subdued end to May. "The market was exhibi...

    SCIWire    2 June 2016
  • Spring surge

    US CLO rally riding into summer

    The rally in the US CLO market is being reflected in new issuance, with investors witnessing some of...

    News Analysis    2 June 2016
  • Euro secondary stays positive

    The European securitisation secondary market is retaining its positive tone and momentum. Despite...

    SCIWire    2 June 2016
  • Post-crisis single-A outperformed

    The total amount of CLOs paid down in JPMorgan's CLO index (CLOIE) since the April rebalance through...

    News Round-up    2 June 2016
  • US CMBS secondary demand strong

    The slow pace of primary market issuance is driving US non-agency CMBS trends. "We see little burs...

    SCIWire    1 June 2016
  • Gateway mod pulled

    The February modification of the US$94.3m Gateway Salt Lake loan, securitised in JPMCC 2010-C1, has...

    News    1 June 2016
  • Euro CLOs strong

    Activity and sentiment in the European CLO secondary market is strong. "Overall tone is very posit...

    SCIWire    1 June 2016
  • Third community NPL pool sold

    Fannie Mae has auctioned off its latest community impact pool of non-performing loans to New Jersey...

    News Round-up    31 May 2016
  • Fair value?

    Call for standardised approach to MPL valuations

    In a sector where there is no standardised pricing methodology or standardised pricing reference dat...

    News Analysis    31 May 2016
  • Structured credit effort strengthened

    Alexey Dronov has rejoined MARV Capital as md and head of structured credit sales and trading. He wi...

    Job Swaps    26 May 2016
  • European fund targets US RMBS

    BlackRock is launching Europe's first ETF investing in high quality US RMBS. The fund has been dubbe...

    News Round-up    26 May 2016
  • Euro secondary strengthens

    The European securitisation secondary market is continuing to strengthen. "Market tone continues t...

    SCIWire    26 May 2016
  • Euro secondary picking up

    European ABS activity is picking up as market sentiment improves. "Right now activity is actually...

    SCIWire    25 May 2016
  • Pricing exec recruited

    Markit has appointed Frank Dos Santos as head of North America business strategy for its fixed incom...

    Job Swaps    25 May 2016
  • US CLOs seeking stability

    The US CLO secondary market is still trying to find a more stable footing following the conclusion o...

    SCIWire    24 May 2016
  • Subprime auto loans lengthening

    Recently rated US subprime retail auto ABS deals have been seeing an increasing amount of longer-ter...

    News Round-up    24 May 2016
  • Euro secondary patchy

    Activity in the European securitisation secondary market remains very patchy. Despite a positive e...

    SCIWire    24 May 2016
  • Transparency drive

    Robert Vincini, head of pricing service specialists at Thomson Reuters, answers SCI's questions

    Q: How and when did your firm become involved in the pricing and valuations business? How has your s...

    Provider Profile    23 May 2016