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Secondary markets

The post-issuance trading or buying and selling of instruments, including, but not exclusively, asset-backed securities or ABS; commercial or residential mortgage-backed securities or MBS or CMBS or RMBS; collateralised debt obligations or CDOs; and collateralised loan obligations or CLOs takes place in the secondary market. Prices established in the secondary market are seen as an efficient means of deriving the value of similar products for valuation purposes.

  • Euro secondary positive

    The European securitisation secondary market continues to stay positive in line with sentiment in wi...

    SCIWire    1 March 2016
  • Fannie NPL pool purchased

    New Jersey Community Capital (NJCC) is the winning bidder for Fannie Mae's second community impact p...

    News Round-up    29 February 2016
  • SCI Start the Week - 29 February

    A look at the major activity in structured finance over the past seven days

    Pipeline The number of ABS deals joining the pipeline slowed last week. The distribution across sec...

    News    29 February 2016
  • Interest diversion cushions assessed

    Jamestown CLO IV is thought to have become the first post-crisis US CLO to fail its interest diversi...

    News    29 February 2016
  • Euro secondary flurry

    The European securitisation secondary market saw a flurry of activity on Friday. After declining v...

    SCIWire    29 February 2016
  • Supply and demand

    Capital relief trade pricing, liquidity discussed

    Demand for capital relief trades has outweighed supply in recent years, driving prices lower, accord...

    News Analysis    26 February 2016
  • Negative cash balance 'adds risk'

    Negative trade date cash balances in European CLO 2.0 transactions could increase, says Fitch. The r...

    News Round-up    26 February 2016
  • Mortgage movers

    Non-bank lenders reshaping UK RMBS

    Tough capital constraints are weighing on the incentive of large incumbent lenders to maintain a str...

    News Analysis    26 February 2016
  • Euro secondary slips

    Activity and pricing levels have slipped further in the European securitisation secondary market. ...

    SCIWire    26 February 2016
  • Euro CLO comeback?

    Increasing activity could be a sign of a return to form for the European CLO secondary market, but i...

    SCIWire    25 February 2016
  • Brexit implications weighed

    The UK will hold a referendum on 23 June to decide whether to stay within the EU. Uncertainty about...

    News    25 February 2016
  • Stabilisation sought

    CLO equity arb, risk retention remain challenging

    Signs of stabilisation in the US CLO market are emerging, after a volatile start to the year that br...

    News Analysis    25 February 2016
  • Euro ABS/MBS softens

    Weaker wider markets have softened the tone across the European ABS/MBS secondary market. Broader...

    SCIWire    25 February 2016
  • US CLO spike

    The US CLO secondary market is seeing a spike in activity today. "Today is busier as month-end com...

    SCIWire    24 February 2016
  • Drifting out

    High-beta spread dislocation continues

    As markets sell off and become increasingly volatile, European high-beta securitised paper has widen...

    News Analysis    24 February 2016
  • Maturity wave pay-offs projected

    Morningstar Credit Ratings projects that paying off US CMBS loans on time will become progressively...

    News Round-up    24 February 2016
  • Euro secondary mixed

    The European securitisation secondary market continues to experience mixed fortunes. "Liquidity re...

    SCIWire    24 February 2016
  • US CLOs steady

    The US CLO secondary market looks to have stabilised but remains fairly quiet. "It seems like thin...

    SCIWire    23 February 2016
  • Euro secondary starts slowly

    It was a slow start to the week for the European securitisation secondary market, but today looks li...

    SCIWire    23 February 2016
  • UK risk over-represented

    Some €6.5bn of European ABS paper has traded off BWICs in the last nine months, according...

    News    22 February 2016
  • Loan-level model introduced

    JPMorgan has developed a new loan-level transition model for GSE residential mortgage loans, which a...

    News Round-up    22 February 2016