Monday 8 August 2022 11:04 London/ 06.04 New York/ 19.04 Tokyo

A review of SCI's latest content

Last week's news and analysis
Asset rich WAB loves CRT
Fast-growing Western Alliance Bank at forefront of US CRT
Downward trend
iTraxx passes peak and heads downwards
Freddie charts fresh waters
Inaugural June ACIS trade, dubbed AFH1, tackles loan warehouse capital charge
SRT boost
SRTs thrive as focus shifts to loan-by-loan analysis
STS homogeneity disclosed
Homogeneity criteria for STS SRTs revealed

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Call for SCI CRT Awards 2022 submissions
The submissions period has opened for the 2022 SCI CRT Awards – covering the global capital relief trades market and the US credit risk transfer market. Nominations should be received by 25 August. Winners will be announced at the London SCI Capital Relief Trades Seminar on 20 October. Qualifying period: deals issued in the 12 months to 30 September 2022. For more information on the awards, click here.

Call for MM CLO Awards Submissions
The submissions period has opened for the 2022 SCI Middle Market CLO Awards – covering US Middle Market CLOs issued in the 12 months to 30 September 2022. Nominations should be received by 20 September. Winners will be announced at the SCI Middle Market CLO Seminar on 15 November in New York. For more information on the awards, click here.

SCI CLO Markets
CLO Markets provides deal-focused information on the global primary and secondary CLO markets. It offers intra-day updates and searchable deal databases alongside BWIC pricing and commentary. Please email David McGuinness at SCI for more information or to set up a free trial here.

Recent premium research to download
Japanese SRT prospects - July 2022
Japanese banks have historically been well-capitalised, but implementation of the Basel output floors could change this. Against this backdrop, this Premium Content article investigates the prospects for capital relief trade issuance in the jurisdiction.
Australian securitisation dynamics - July 2022
In contrast to Europe and the UK, the Australian securitisation market is continuing to see healthy issuance activity, despite the country dealing with the same inflation and rates pressures as the rest of the world. This Premium Content article investigates why it’s always sunny Down Under.
Container and Railcar ABS - June 2022
Global supply chain issues could continue to support US container and railcar ABS. However, as this Premium Content article shows, both markets are facing challenges on other fronts.
CLO Migration - June 2022
The switch from the Cayman Islands to alternative domiciles, following the European Commission’s listing of the jurisdiction on the EU AML list, appears to have been painless for most CLOs. This Premium Content article investigates.

SCI events calendar: 2022
SCI’s 8th Annual Capital Relief Trades Seminar
20 October 2022, London
SCI’s 3rd Annual Middle Market CLO Seminar
15 November 2022, New York