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Issue 3 - August 23rd

  • Rumour has it...

      • The appliance of science

        Talking transparency

        Well, we did say that we'd return to transparency on a regular basis. But who knew it would be so so...

  • News

      • Risk lags spreads

        Below the surface of the past week's action

        The past week has seen significant narrowing of spreads in all iTraxx credit derivatives, providing...

      • Single-name LCDS still in the air

        To cancel or not to cancel

        The disparity between European and US single name loan-specific CDS (LCDS) remains a concern for man...

  • The Structured Credit Interview

      • From the very beginning

        This week, Matthew Natcharian, md and head of Babson Capital Management's Structured Credit Team, an...

        Matthew Natcharian Q: When, how and why did your firm become i...

  • Provider Profile

      • "One size doesn't fit all."

        Profiling Calypso

        In this week's provider profile we talk to Umang Vithlani, sales executive responsible for credit d...

  • Job Swaps

  • News Round-up

      • Clutch of CDO rarities hit the market

        A round up of this week's structured credit news

        Clutch of CDO rarities hit the market The extent of the flexibility of CDO technology was on full...

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