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Issue 6 - September 13th

  • Rumour has it...

      • Thinking out loud

        The sound of silence

        -So, almost nobody has anything to say for themselves? -Fair enough, things can't be as bad as the...

  • News

      • Korean investors consider next move

        Shift beyond managed synthetics possible

        Synthetic CDO volumes in South Korea are growing rapidly. At present, investors are happy to focus...

      • Fear of the unknown

        Investor transparency concerns continue

        All the major dealers pay lip-service to improving structured credit market transparency. However, i...

  • The Structured Credit Interview

      • Independent investors

        This week, Daniel Riediker, partner and ceo of Alegra Capital, answers SCI's questions

        Daniel Riediker Q: When, how and why did your firm become invo...

  • Provider Profile

      • "The future is in structured products"

        This week our Provider Profile is of broker GFI

        Management guru Peter Drucker once said that business has only two functions: marketing and innovat...

  • Job Swaps

  • News Round-up

      • European CRE CDOs close to launch

        A round up of this week's structured credit news

        European CRE CDOs close to launch The announcement of the first Commercial Real Estate CDO in Euro...

  • Research Notes

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