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Issue 82 - April 2nd

  • News

      • Entering phase two

        High yield set to be new focus for protection buyers

        The structured credit market appears poised to enter a new phase of the cycle. Now that government...

      • Rally all round

        Indices gain support from Fed's actions

        The US Federal Reserve's recent actions have added further impetus to what traders see as the bigge...

      • Junked shops

        Monoline rating polarisation emerges

        The first-ever junking of a "triple-A" financial guarantor last week – swiftly followed by another...

      • Total recall?

        Positive reception to Fitch's about-face

        In an apparent volte-face, Fitch has announced that the long-awaited modifications to its CDO metho...

  • Job Swaps

      • Monolines file suits

        The latest company and people moves

        Monolines file suits XL Capital Assurance has filed its answer and counterclaims in the US Distric...

  • News Round-up

      • Managers debut in Europe

        A round up of this week's structured credit news

        Managers debut in EuropeThe European CLO market last week saw two managers debut – European Capital...

  • Research Notes

      • Trading ideas: count down to extremity

        John Hunt, senior research analyst at Credit Derivatives Research, looks at an outright short on CDX...

        Taking an outright position on a credit index is either brave or foolhardy, depending on your persp...

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