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Issue 88 - May 14th

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      • Statement of intent?

        Rating agencies get tough on leveraged loans and CLOs

        S&P's proposal for improving the transparency of the European leveraged finance market appears...

      • Pre-placement activity

        CDPCs bring some liquidity to the market

        A new dynamic has emerged in the synthetic CDO sector, whereby arrangers are pre-placing super-senio...

      • At a crossroads

        Idiosyncratic risk to spur iTraxx trading?

        Correlation appears to have reached a crossroads in Europe. Traders report that the market is waiti...

      • Questions, questions

        Uncertainty grows over how other agencies will approach CSOs

        The structured credit market has, on the whole, welcomed Fitch's refinement of its corporate CDO me...

  • Job Swaps

      • Mitsubishi buys into Aladdin

        The latest company and people moves

        Mitsubishi buys into Aladdin Mitsubishi Corporation has agreed to purchase 19.5% of structured cre...

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      • FHA rescue falters and recovers

        The impact on the ABX index of a potential veto of the FHA rescue plan is discussed by Glenn Boyd, h...

        The Bush administration released a statement of administration policy (SAP) last week threatening a...

      • Trading ideas: time to pay the toll

        Byron Douglass, senior research analyst at Credit Derivatives Research, looks at a pairs trade on To...

        We just can't seem to get our heads around the recent rally in the homebuilders. Yes, they may rece...

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