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Issue 108 - October 15th

  • News

    • CDS
      • Over the odds

        Sovereign CDS levels pay the price for government bailouts

        State interventions appear at last to be making positive inroads into jurisdictions across the globe...

    • Investors
      • Enhanced services?

        Volatility drives CDO valuations in-house

        Some valuations software providers appear to have been caught out by recent volatile market conditio...

    • Regulation
      • Fears lessen

        Government interventions to have positive implications for CDOs

        Government initiatives announced over the past week are widely expected to have a positive effect on...

    • Trading
      • Switching focus

        Triple-A compression trades set to find favour

        European CDS spreads have, in general, tightened on the back of the global bailout of the banking se...

  • Job Swaps

      • Structured credit team adds one

        The latest company and people moves

        Structured credit team adds oneAlexander (Lex) Maldutis has joined the structured credit team at HSB...

  • News Round-up

      • Lehman net funds transfer estimated

        A round up of this week's structured credit news

        Lehman net funds transfer estimated The final price determined by the Lehman Brothers credit event...

  • Research Notes

      • Trading ideas: covered

        Byron Douglass, senior research analyst at Credit Derivatives Research, looks at an outright long on...

        Unprecedented volatility has overwhelmed all markets. During such times, we recommend for those with...

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