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Issue 294 - 18th July

  • News Analysis

    • RMBS
      • Differentiation debated

        Call for renewed focus on RMBS servicing incentives

        Efforts to overhaul residential mortgage servicers' compensation and incentives have been submerged by regulatory rule-making and compliance with the Attorneys General settlement. However, a recently issued commentary calls for renewed focus on this...

  • Market Reports

    • CMBS
      • US CMBS going strong

        It has been a busy last few days in US CMBS. While the secondary market has been quiet, primary issuance has been very healthy and there is more on the way. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae each priced deals (US$1.3bn FREMF 2012-K710 and US$718m FNA 2012...

    • RMBS
      • Restive market seeks 'game changer'

        It has been a quiet spell for the European RMBS market. Demand seems to be outstripping supply, but a recent transaction - Dutch Mortgage Portfolio Loans X - has caught the eye and change could be on the horizon. "The lack of is...

  • News

    • Structured Finance
      • SCI Start the Week - 16 July

        A look at the major activity in structured finance over the past seven days

        Pipeline It was a busy week for the pipeline. There were four CMBS, one RMBS, one CLO, one ILS and four ABS deals. The CMBS transactions were US$1.2bn FREMF 2012-K710, US$300m JMPCC Mortgage Sec Trust 2012-HSBC Commercial Mortgage Pass-Thru Certif...

    • RMBS
      • BoE scheme 'RMBS negative'

        The Bank of England has launched its funding for lending scheme (FLS), intended to improve lending to the real economy. While this should be beneficial for SME and mortgage lending, it is likely to have a significant negative impact on the UK RMBS pr...

      • Ambac RMBS play touted

        The recent decision by the Wisconsin Commissioner of Insurance to pay Ambac non-agency RMBS policyholders 25% of accrued and future claims in cash (SCI 12 June) should provide a significant payment - believed to be about US$800m in total &a...

  • Job Swaps

  • News Round-up

    • Structured Finance
      • Spanish tranches on watch

        Fitch has placed 212 tranches related to Spanish structured finance transactions on rating watch neg...

    • CDO
      • Trups CDO criteria updated

        Fitch has published an updated rating criteria report for Trups CDOs, under which it will differenti...

    • CMBS
      • CMBS leverage set to rise

        Leverage on US CMBS conduit loans to be securitised in the third quarter will likely be higher than...

      • US CRE prices back up

        US CRE prices were up by 1.4% in May, according to the Moody's/RCA Commercial Property Price Indices...

      • Call for QM safeharbour

        SIFMA public policy and advocacy evp Kenneth Bentsen has testified before the House Financial Servic...

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