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Issue 757 - 27th August

  • News

    • ABS
      • Driving decarbonisation

        EUA securitisation platform poised for growth

        Tramontana Asset Management recently breached US$5bn in assets through its innovative carbon ABS platform. The programme is poised for further growth, as the rise in EU Allowance (EUA) prices is increasing the need for carbon credit hedging and finan...

      • Tight deadline

        PRA NPE ABS consultation to 'provide momentum'

        The UK PRA’s consultation - which ended earlier this month – regarding the implementation of Basel standards in connection with non-performing loan securitisations has been welcomed by the industry. The authority is seeking to int...

    • Structured Finance
      • SCI Start the Week - 23 August

        A review of SCI's latest content

        Last week's news and analysis Bullish sentiment CLO, loan opportunity set to continue outperforming Chowa finalised NatWest executes leveraged loan SRT Financing boost EGF extended to synthetics Pretium steps out New hires sig...

    • RMBS
      • Angel MBS

        Angel Oak Mortgage completes first sole MBS at new low coupons

        Angel Oak Mortgage REIT, the sister company of Angel Oak Capital, has closed a $316m RMBS offering, designated AOMT 2021-4, which represents the first sole securitization by the firm. It placed notes with a face value of $306.4m at a weighted avera...

  • Market moves

    • Structured Finance
      • Solar LDA partnership inked

        Sector developments and company hires

        Solar LDA partnership inked dv01 has partnered with GoodLeap with the aim of further promoting data transparency and accountability within the solar ABS market. Through this partnership, dv01 will serve as loan data agent (LDA) for Carbon Level Mi...

      • CLO control equity fund closed

        Sector developments and company hires

        CLO control equity fund closed Lakemore Partners has successfully closed Aquatine IV at US$400m, due to strong investor demand. Aquatine IV is Lakemore’s fourth CLO fund within the Aquatine platform, which invests in control equity posit...

    • CMBS
      • Student housing sponsor accused of 'Ponzi-like' scheme

        Sector developments and company hires

        Student housing sponsor accused of ‘Ponzi-like’ scheme The US$36m SkyLoft Austin loan - securitised in the UBSCM 2019-C16 CMBS - is over 30 days delinquent in payment, as of the August 2021 remittance period. The loan is sponsore...

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