The SCI In Conversation Podcast

Episode 15: Ruhi Patil, Dentons

Episode 14: Ian Wolkoff, Pretium Partners

Episode 13: Andrew South and Alastair Bigley, S&P Global Ratings

Episode 12: Matthew Bisanz, partner in the bank regulatory practice at Mayer Brown

Episode 11: Jeff Krohn, md, mortgage and structured credit segment leader, Guy Carpenter

Episode 10: Naomi Prasad, director at Pemberton Capital Advisors

Episode 9: Terry Lanson, md at Seer Capital

Episode 8: Alon Lifshitz, co-founder and chief financial engineer at Vesttoo

Episode 7: Seth Painter, head of structured products at Antares Capital

Episode 6: John Pellew, principal at Arrow Global

Episode 5: Keerthi Raghavan, partner at Waterfall Asset Management

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Episode 4: Jerry Ouderkirk, senior md and head of structured credit at Pretium Partners

Episode 3: Iain Balkwill, Partner at Reed Smith

Episode 2: Candice Richards, managing director and ESG/Compliance Officer at MidOcean

SCI In Conversation: Gordon Kerr Head of European Research at KBRA