SCI Special Reports

SCI special reports accompanied by awareness raising webinars provide the market with granular, in-depth analysis of emerging sectors and noteworthy themes in the global securitisation markets. The research within each report runs up to 13,000 words covering over 20 pages, accompanied by detailed graphics showing industry trends, and up-to-date market data. 

2021 Special Reports Topics To Include:

Credit Risk Transfer Special report 2021 
A guide to the US CRT market

Life in the US credit risk transfer market was normal, even encouraging, in the first two months of 2020. The GSEs continued to transfer risk through the capital markets and through the mortgage insurance market, and both venues were looking forward to bumper years. Meanwhile, in February, JP Morgan received regulatory approval for its renewed foray into the CRT space. Then Covid-19 descended, and knocked the market off its rails. What has happened since? What are
the prospects for the market going forward, and what effect might the US election results have?

SCI Capital Relief Trades Special Report 2021
A Guide to Capital Relief Trades

Sponsorship of an SCI special report & webinar is offered to companies closely connected with the subject matter – the benefits to your sales team are thought leadership, lead generation, PR, branding & distribution. If you are interested in sponsoring a Special Report or you have your own topic for discussion in mind, we’d love to hear it.

For further information please contact: David Zaher