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 CRT Report

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2018 Special Reports


Chinese securitisation
A dual-language (English/Mandarin) report looking at the evolution of the Chinese securitisation market - from its first ‘pilot’ transactions in 2005, the development of the Credit Asset Securitisation and Selective Asset Management Plan schemes, through to the latest CBRC and CSRC frameworks. This SCI Special Report explores the governmental impetus behind this burgeoning sector, the market participants involved, the assets being securitised, primary and secondary activity, structuring and legal considerations, and cross-border issuance prospects.

European NPLs
Italy is leading European efforts to address the overhang of non-performing loans on bank balance sheets, with recent legislation enacted to facilitate disposals and the implementation of the GACS scheme. This SCI Special Report discusses the components of a successful NPL securitisation, the challenges that need to be overcome for more widespread financings to occur and the scale of the addressable market. It also covers activity in other jurisdictions, including Ireland and Spain, and the role of ‘bad banks’ and national asset management agencies in resolving portfolios of troubled assets.

US esoteric ABS
Interest in esoteric ABS is gaining momentum as investors seek to diversify their portfolios and earn higher yields. At the same time, the array of future cashflows being securitised continues to broaden, with cell phone contracts recently added to the mix of aircraft, container, railcar, tax lien, timeshare and whole business assets. This SCI Special Report examines how investors should approach this less liquid sector and the challenges associated with such unique structures. It also argues that advancements in technology could provide opportunities to aggregate, analyse and process these complex assets more efficiently.

Middle market CLOs
US middle market performance continues to improve, supporting BDC share prices and renewed capital raising activity. However, competition is increasing from banks and private equity-style funds, which are attracted by compelling supply and demand factors. This SCI Special Report explores the opportunities remaining for CLOs in the sector, including the rise of warehouse securitisation facilities and the role of direct lending. It also outlines key areas of risk and how to navigate this new lending paradigm.


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SCI Special Reports


SCI Special Reports provide an in-depth exploration of emerging or noteworthy themes/sectors in the securitisation markets. The research, which is presented in chapter form, is based on interviews with a number of industry experts and is accompanied by graphics and data.

Your clients will always value analytical content and thought leadership on emerging sectors of interest, and areas of significant concern where the availability of reliable information is at a premium.

Providing such added value content is a constant challenge especially when you don’t have the expertise in-house, nor is it core-competence. Making a difference to your clients’ information needs can also be the difference in being noticed by prospects and to developing a continuingly positive dialogue with existing customers. And if you’re not doing, your competition almost certainly is.

This is where SCI can be of real help to you – SCI’s Special Reports are written in partnership with you, with both your clients’ needs and your services in mind. As independent specialists in structured finance we can generate attractive, impartial and analytical content along with your content and branding, to communicate both your areas of value and to generate highly targeted actionable sales leads.

This document sets out SCI’s bespoke Special Reports service. Contact us to discuss your requirements and how we may be able to help. 


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