SCI Start the Week - 27 March

SCI Start the Week - 27 March

Monday 27 March 2023 11:49 London/ 06.49 New York/ 19.49 Tokyo

A review of SCI's latest content

Last week's news and analysis
Capital call CRT prepped
Standard Chartered readies synthetic ABS
Regionals roughed up
US tier one banks set for new dawn in SRT market while regionals suffer
Ringfencing the problem
Fed's SVB response calms RMBS nerves
Risk transfer comeback
Lloyds executes synthetic ABS
Subjective issue
CLO ESG reporting gaining traction

For all of last week’s stories including ‘Market moves’ and ‘Risk transfer round-up’ click here.

Recent premium research to download
CLO ESG reporting – March 2023
CLO managers are increasingly investing in their own methodologies and disclosure processes to provide investors with helpful ESG information. However, as this Premium Content article shows, the subjective nature of this data remains an issue.

Digitisation and securitisation - February 2023
Blockchain and digitisation are increasingly being incorporated into the securitisation process. This Premium Content article explores the benefits and challenges that these new technologies represent.

Alternative credit scores - January 2023
The GSEs are under considerable political pressure to extend credit to the underserved. But what does this mean for CRT investors, issuers and rating agencies? This Premium Content article investigates.

CEE CRT activity - January 2023
Polish SRT issuance boosted synthetic securitisation volumes last year. This Premium Content article assesses the prospects for increased activity across the CEE region.

SCI In Conversation podcast
In the latest episode, Arrow Global principal John Pellew discusses the evolution of blockchain technology in the securitisation market. We highlight the milestone achievements in the space, as well as the challenges that still need to be overcome.

The podcast can be accessed wherever you usually get your podcasts, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify (just search for ‘SCI In Conversation’), or by clicking here.

SCI Markets
SCI Markets provides deal-focused information on the global CLO and European/UK ABS/MBS primary and secondary markets. It offers intra-day updates and searchable deal databases alongside CLO BWIC pricing and commentary. Please email David McGuinness at SCI for more information or to set up a free trial here.

SRTx benchmark

SCI has launched SRTx (Significant Risk Transfer Index), a new benchmark that measures the estimated prevailing new-issue price spread for generic private market risk transfer transactions. Calculated and rebalanced on a monthly basis by Mark Fontanilla & Co, the index provides market participants with a benchmark reference point for pricing in the private risk transfer market by aggregating issuer and investor views on pricing. For more information on SRTx or to register your interest as a contributor, click here.

Upcoming SCI events
SCI’s 2nd Annual ESG Securitisation Seminar
25 April 2023, London

SCI’s Transport ABS Seminar
May 2023, New York

SCI's 9th Annual Capital Relief Trades Seminar
19 October 2023, London