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Last updated: 16 April 2024



AAAs today at 124 dm.


USD CLO Mezz/Equity

$132m of flow all in mezz BBB down to ...


CORDA 6X CR (A rated) traded at 195 dm.

BBBs ...

16 April 2024


BWIC Commentary/Prices

Last updated: 17 April 2024

BWIC Calendar

Last updated: 15 April 2024

NameOriginal SizePrice TypeDeal Type
ALLEG 2021-1A E / 5,000,000 / TALK / CLO
ARES 2015-35RA E / 3,425,000 / TALK / CLO
ARES 2016-40X DR / 7,750,000 / TALK / CLO
ARES 2021-59A B1 / 8,000,000 / TALK / CLO
BALLY 2022-20X CR / 2,000,000 / TALK / CLO
BCC 2019-1X ER / 1,000,000 / TALK / CLO

Secondary market prices

Last updated: 5 April 2024

Capital Relief Trades database

Last updated: 17 April 2024

Pricing dateNameClassCurrencySize(m)BmarkInitial PT
4-Aug-2022Stratton Hawksmoor 2022-1A1GBP1713.399SONIA
4-Aug-2022Stratton Hawksmoor 2022-1A2GBP63.07SONIA
4-Aug-2022Stratton Hawksmoor 2022-1BGBP84.093SONIA
4-Aug-2022Stratton Hawksmoor 2022-1CGBP73.582SONIA
4-Aug-2022Stratton Hawksmoor 2022-1DGBP42.047SONIA
4-Aug-2022Stratton Hawksmoor 2022-1EGBP15.767SONIA

Euro ABS/MBS Deal

Last updated: 3 April 2024

Pricing dateDeal NameTickerSize(m)Manager
27-Sep-2019Northwoods Capital 19 EuroNWDSE 2019-19405.5Northwoods European CLO Management
3-Dec-2020Invesco Euro CLO VINVSC 5305.4Invesco European RR
2-Dec-2020Jubilee CLO 2020-XXIVJUBIL 2020-24303.1Alcentra
27-Nov-2020Carlyle Euro CLO 2020-2CGMSE 2020-2405.2CELF Advisors
2-Jun-2020CVC Cordatus Loan Fund XVIICORDA 17289.5CVC Credit Partners
25-Nov-2020CVC Cordatus Loan Fund XIXCORDA 19378.7CVC Credit Partners

CLO Issuance Data


Market moves Last updated: 26 March 2024

First NameLast NameCompany Moved ToTypeNew Role
DerwinJenkinsonDLA PiperLaw FirmPartner, Finance, Prokects & Restructuring Practice
Mark AEgertBervet CapitalCredit ManagementChief Compliance Officer
Mel-Lida SilvaBervet CapitalCredit ManagementChief Commercial Officer
DavidAltenhofenAccunia Credit ManagementCredit ManagementHead of Investments
TeresaLange PiersonSiepeManaged services and data analytics providerDirector, Software-as-a-service & Compliance
ShellyTorkelsonSiepeManaged services and data analytics providerDirector, Software-as-a-service & Compliance