In a credit default swap, or CDS, one party (the protection buyer) agrees to pay another party (the protection seller) periodic fixed payments in exchange for receiving credit event protection, or a payment, should a third party (the reference entity) or its obligations suffer one or more pre-agreed adverse credit events over a pre-agreed time period. In addition, it is possible to trade CDS swaptions or options, which give the buyer the right to sell protection – or conversely the seller to buy protection – via a CDS on, or before, a pre-agreed date at a pre-agreed price.

Significant Risk Transfer

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SCI offers breaking news, new issuer updates, interviews with key players in the SRT sector, and regulatory coverage. SCI also provides the only database of its type available: the SCI SRT database, which features more than 1000 tranches and includes data points such as Issuer, Investor, size of tranche sold, jurisdiction and type of reference pool.

The SRT database is an essential complement to SCI's SRT News coverage, alongside the SRTx

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